Time to Review


to my new blog about booksbooks and even more books!



I am a huge book fan, to be completely honest I can get through 10-20 books a week! excessive I know!


I’ve been contemplating creating a book blog for a long time, not only to help me remember my favourites but also to make these fabulous books known to other avid readers.


I love that feeling of coming across a book that is so great that you don’t want it to ever end or it just gets to you on a deeper level that you cannot stop thinking about the story for days after.

I must have read into the thousands at this point in my life… books that make me smile, laugh and ugly cry! 


Basically I feel the need to share the greatest books I’ve ever read and I hope that you will share your favourites with me too. I’ve now read that many books that its impossible to find those one off memorable amazing books with the love story to die for, writers just can’t keep up with me! 🙂 I have to re-read but that doesn’t hurt because i love to read my favourites again, again… and again.


I hope you’ll check out my reviews and maybe I’ll help you find that one book that will be unforgettable to you!


Lucy xo





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