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Taking Chances Molly McAdams : Review

This book ruined me…emotionally ruined me. I don’t think I’ve ever cried as much whilst reading a book…

No matter how many tears I cried or how I wish the ‘moment’ that broke my heart didn’t happen,  it has managed to become one of my favourite books that I have ever read. One of those books that will not leave your mind, no matter how much you want it too… That being said you NEED to read this book! 

 Harper is very insecure in her relationships  after being brought up with her marine father, a seemingly unaffectionate father at that.  When Harper goes off to college she meets not one but two guys! Chase and Brandon and whilst there is an instant attraction with Chase there is also an instant dislike.  She struggles to see herself with him now and in the future, she could never be with Chase could she? Harper ultimately begins a relationship with Brandon and is happy, she falls in love with him, but Chase is present in her mind and her life and she unwillingly falls in love with Chase too…

 I switched between Chase and Brandon throughout this book but my heart was with Chase, (oh now I feel guilty for saying that..can you imagine how Harper feels struggling between them both) but I do love him and I love how strongly he loves Harper oh but I love Brandon too, I know he will never let her down.. OK I love them both can I do that!?… I really believe that Harper loves both Chase and Brandon equally, it was just one of those unfortunate moments where you find the love of your life twice. What could she do in this situation, I felt her struggle as if it where my own. The author does such a good job of making you feel like you are part of this book, that every anguished moment is real..she has such talent!

 I grew very frustrated with Harper because I wanted her to make the right decision… I felt that she was always second guessing Chase’s love for her and I feel that he was 100% committed to her, she is the love of his life and he would devote himself to being the perfect man for her even though he feels she deserves better. Harper is so insecure and doesn’t trust in Chases love for her, it makes me angry that she could be so oblivious,  she cant’t look into his eyes and see how deep his love goes? she doubts him when she shouldn’t. She never seems to doubt Brandon but she never seems 100% committed either, her heart is being pulled in two very different directions. She has difficult decisions to make and nothing is ever simple…There are a few twists in this book that alter the course you think the story is going to go, nothing is predictable, which is great because who want’s to read a book where they think they know what is going to happen…nope not with this book! You don’t know..you cant even imagine to begin to know!!!! 😐


I still remember the moment everything changed and that utter feeling of shock, devastation and sadness so many emotions..Five words that altered the course of this book and broke my heart.

I cried and cried and cried..I stepped away from the book because I couldn’t read anymore, I couldnt deal with it and mainly because I couldn’t see, my eyes where misted over because I was sobbing, I couldn’t read the words even if I wanted to! You will feel the pain like it is your own… 

 There are no words to describe how deeply this story affected me. I wanted to go back and change what happened, I even wanted the story to be re written (and still do because I want to know what would happen if everything was different) I even cheekily asked the author to do an alternate ending, fingers crossed this may one day happen, maybe just for peace of mind and to lessen the devastation this book caused me.

 This book is emotionally taxing but don’t doubt that there will be a ‘happily ever after…’ you may love the ending or you may like me wish for a different ending but nothing can take away from the utter amazingness that is this book. I can’t begin to imagine the struggle that Molly had to endure when writing this book, and I know from talking to her that this book played with her emotions just as much as it does ours. 

Two days on from finishing this book, I still struggle, the mere thought causes a lump in my throat to appear along with the teary eyes…it just plain old HURTS!

 This book without a doubt is a roller-coaster ride of emotions but as much as it makes you cry hopefully it will also make you smile. A story of tragedy and love… one that will have you questioning throughout the entire book.. BRANDON or CHASE???



 If I haven’t sold the story to you, please just take my advice and read it, its up there with the likes of Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan and Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire which are my all time favourites.. (I’m a very picky reader so that along should tell you how great this book is). Its definitely a long read, nothing makes me happier than a book where I can fall away for hours on end into the land of fantasy 🙂

Please, please go buy this book you will not regret it. You can purchase it at Amazon here. 


 P.S The author has a new book due out in December and I’m sure it will live up to taking chances, but hopefully I wont feel like I need to see a therapist after reading it! 🙂 You can find out more about the book ‘From Ashes‘ on the authors Goodreads page where she will be posting teasers in the upcoming months before its release.

I’m counting own the days already, this author is now a firm favourite of mine! 🙂


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